West Side Bompton Piru

The West Side Piru gang is a Blood set that originated in Compton California. The WSP have been around since the 70s and was one of the first Blood Sets. The gang was established by Benson Owens, at the time he lived on Byers Street. The neighborhood is centered around Central ave between Rosecrans Ave […]

What’s Difference Between Blood and Piru

For those that don’t know, the Bloods were formed from gangs that originated on Piru street in Compton, due to pressure from the Crips of the time. So an alliance between local gangs that went against the Crips formed, which created the Bloods. Now in recent years, some Pirus are claiming they are not Blood, […]

The Piru Gang Signs you should know when visiting Compton

gang hats

The Pirus are considered to be one of the earliest gangs to join the blood alliance. Some Piru sets consider Pirus to be a different breed of Bloods. If you weren’t in the know, how would you differentiate between a Piru gang member and a Blood member? This is where some people have some confusion, […]

Origins of the Piru Gang in Compton

piru origins

The Piru Street Gang, also known as the Bloods or Piru Bloods, originated in Compton, California, in the late 1960s. The gang’s name, “Piru,” comes from Piru Street, a street in Compton where the gang was initially formed. The Piru Street Gang initially started as a group of African-American youth who sought protection from other […]

Who is YG 400 and is he gang affiliated?

yg bloods

YG is a Compton-born rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry through his unique blend of West Coast gangsta rap and politically charged lyrics. While he initially gained notoriety for his affiliation with the Bloods gang, YG has since distanced himself from gang life and focused on his music career. […]

Bloody History, Some of the Oldest Bloods Sets

California was the birth place of the Bloods Street Gang that is known world wide. Before the Blood name came to be, they started off as a bunch of different Street Gangs. These gangs eventually joined together to stand up against the Crips. Their alliances formed what we know as the bloods today. Oldest Blood Gangs in LA […]

Blood Gangs in Los Angeles

The bloods are one of the largest Street Gangs in the world and have spread far across LA, most blood neighborhoods are bordered by rivaling crip gangs. From Compton all the way to Rosewood, here is a list of every single Blood/Piru including some of oldest blood sets in the Los Angeles County. Every Active Blood Set […]