For those that don’t know, the Bloods were formed from gangs that originated on Piru street in Compton, due to pressure from the Crips of the time. So an alliance between local gangs that went against the Crips formed, which created the Bloods.

Now in recent years, some Pirus are claiming they are not Blood, so whats the difference, are they just trying to be different?

Here is what we found.

Piru VS Blood

It seems like the new generation of Pirus are stating they are not Bloods anymore, but OGs that have been banging for a while say that it is all the same. Here are some of the differences we have found with the various type of gangs found under the Blood umbrella.


Piru gangs are more so there to get money and stack. They are originally from Compton, and a lot of Pirus beef with other Pirus.


Brims are very organized in the terms of being a street gang. They operate based on the gang and really put in work for the gang. They are known to not beef with other Bloods and are not known for being strictly in the game for the money but also for protecting the neighborhood.

Inglewood Bloods:

Good balance of money makers and shooters. Inglewood is a blood city and is easier to recruit families and affiliated people.

ES South Central LA Bloods:

Really active bloods here, lots of young shooters and are highly active.

WS South Central Bloods:

Somewhat structured and high percentage of shooters vs hustlers.

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