Florencia 13, also known as F13 or Fx3, is a notorious Hispanic street gang that originated in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the many gangs associated with the larger SureƱos gang alliance, which is primarily composed of Hispanic gangs in Southern California. Florencia 13 is known for its criminal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion, robbery, and violence.

The gang’s name is derived from the Florencia neighborhood in South Los Angeles, where it was founded. Florencia 13 has been involved in numerous conflicts and rivalries with other gangs in the area, particularly with African-American gangs like the Bloods and Crips. These conflicts have resulted in ongoing violence and criminal activity in the region.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department, have been actively working to combat the activities of Florencia 13 and other gangs in the area through various law enforcement initiatives and community outreach programs. It’s important to note that gang activity can have a significant impact on the safety and well-being of communities, and efforts to address and reduce gang-related violence continue to be a priority for law enforcement agencies.

Starting Off

East Los or East Los Angeles is synonymous for Mexican Street Gangs, other areas that have plenty are SGV, and Boyle Heights. What you may be surprised to learn is that most Hispanic gangs started in South Central, and the F13 got its birthplace there as well.

Back in the day before the second world war, a lot of Mexican workers were hired to work on the rail roads in the port areas, so a lot of those workers ended up settling in South Central LA.

Florencia 13 got its name from the major street, Florence Avenue, which runs east to west. Florence is pronounced Florencia in Spanish.

The 13 in the gangs name is to pledge allegiance to the Mexican Mafia, or Le Eme. Many early members of Le Eme are members of the F13.

This allegiance makes them a sureno gang, which makes them rivals of most Nortenos.


The F13 neighborhood that the get their name from is from central ave to alameda street, between Slauson ave and Florence ave.

Other hoods include, Harvard Park, Hyde Park, Huntington Park, and Fontana.

Biggest Beefs

Florencia 13 is one of the largest Sureno gangs in LA county, with thousands of active and non active members, so you can bet they have gangs they dont get a long with.

Some of their main rivals include:

F13 Cliques

Putting in Work

One of the most infamous F13 members that is known for putting in work is Trinidad “trinny” Iglesias. He gained a reputation after assaulting approximately 14 police offers.

On May 22 of 1971, Deputy Gary Saunders was shot multiple times by Trinny.

Trinny is also the prime suspect for shooing a Huntington Park Narcotics Office in the head while they were using the urinal in the public bathroom.

A more recent account of Florencia 13 members involve three men and one women. The four individuals have been charged of killing an off duty LAPD officer who was shopping for a new home with his girlfriend.

The 4 F13 gang members were charged with a count of violent crime in aid of racketeering.

Florencia 13 Gang Signs

“Gang signs” are hand signals or gestures used by members of street gangs to communicate with each other, display gang affiliation, or convey messages related to gang activities. These signs can vary widely depending on the specific gang and its symbols, colors, and traditions. It’s important to note that the use of gang signs is illegal and often associated with criminal activity. Here are some common aspects of gang signs:

  1. Identification: Gang members use signs to identify themselves as part of a particular gang. These signs can include specific hand signals, tattoos, clothing, or even specific hairstyles and colors.
  2. Communication: Gang signs can be used to communicate messages to other gang members or to send warnings to rival gangs. These signals are often cryptic and can be used to coordinate criminal activities or share information discreetly.
  3. Territory: Some gang signs may be used to mark and defend territory controlled by a gang. For example, graffiti or specific symbols may be used to indicate that a certain area is under a gang’s influence.
  4. Challenges and Salutes: Gang members may use signs to challenge or salute one another. This can involve flashing specific hand signs or making eye contact in a certain way to determine if someone is a fellow gang member or a rival.
  5. Codes and Symbols: Gangs often have their own unique codes and symbols that are incorporated into their signs and gestures. These codes can be used to convey information about the gang’s identity, leadership, or activities.

It’s important to emphasize that gang involvement is illegal and can have serious consequences, including criminal charges, imprisonment, and harm to individuals and communities. Law enforcement agencies work to combat gang-related activities and keep communities safe. If you encounter any suspicious or potentially dangerous gang-related activity, it’s advisable to report it to the appropriate authorities.

florencia gang sign mural in the hood

F13 VS East Coast Crips

Another famous gang vs gang beef similar to the 83 vs Rollin 60s beef is the Florencia 13 vs the East Coast Crips beef.

Lets take a look back at this whole thing started.

Like most gangs, F13 and ECC were both in the drug trade. Most mexican gangs are severely tied to other connections and for this reason, are known for moving a lot of weight.

Black gangs and Brown gangs would just let each other be most of the time, but in the Mid 90s Le Eme would make it known that all surenos should focus their efforts on pushing black gangs out of their neighborhoods.

Things went bad for both gangs in 1996 when an ECC clique killed at Florencia 13 member. Eventually this was squashed and everything went back to normal in the 2000s.

Both gangs went on and nothing happened until later on. The word is ECC members ended up robbing 200-300 kilos from a Mexican connect.

After this, the beef was on and F13 was ECK (East Coast Killers).

Both gangs became very aggressive, and it became an all out war, gang members and civilians included.

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