The Maravilla Gangs of East Los Angeles are one of the oldest barrios in East LA. Maravilla meanig Miracle in spanish, is quite the name for a street gang. The Maravillas have been around since the 1920s. Like some Crips and Bloods gangs, the Maravillas are made up of multiple sets, in this case the Maravillas are made up of 19 cliques. All 19 cliques are enemies of the next, which can be seen as strange but there are a lot of inner beefs within gangs.


Like most street gangs, the Barrio Maravilla was mainly started due to racial or oppressive reasons in the community, which solidified the gangs as a form of community protection. Maravilla is an area in East Los Angeles approximately 8 1/4 square miles. It is made up of low cost housing areas, characterized as project type housing which were build during the second world as temporary housing.

The Maravillas like most hispanic gangs are a very long standing gang, and the barrio holds a lot of respect but also fear when being talked about.

Locations and Sets

With the Barrio Maravilla being such a large gang, you are able to find members in a lot of places, there are members in: San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Montebello and Nevada.

Maravilla Sets

  1. Arizona MaraVilla
  2. El Hoyo MaraVilla
  3. Fisher Street Locos MaraVilla
  4. Ford MaraVilla
  5. Fraser MaraVilla
  6. Gage MaraVilla
  7. High Times MaraVilla
  8. Juarez MaraVilla
  9. Kern MaraVilla
  10. Lote MaraVilla
  11. Lopez MaraVilla
  12. Lomita MaraVilla
  13. Marianna MaraVilla
  14. Moeriya MaraVilla
  15. Pomeroy MaraVilla
  16. Maravilla Projects
  17. Raskals MaraVilla
  18. MaraVilla Rifa
  19. Rock MaraVilla

Maravilla Peace Truce and Le Eme

Maravilla at one point in time had a truce amongst all the different cliques in East Los. Le Eme some say is the reason behind this truce.

Le Eme spread the word that gangs could no longer do drive by shootings, only walk up shootings would be tolerated. They did this as a way of expanding control.

The truce was a way for local gangs to assert their independence.

The truce happened in August of 1993 in Belvedere Park, 100s of Maravilla gang members gathered to pledge their unity.

The truce lasted for quite a while but months later it was back to business, with the gangs killing each other and shooting eachother.

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