One of Los Angeles’ oldest blood gangs is the Athens Park Bloods. The Athens Park Bloods are a very active gang, but they have taken some big blows from law enforcement throughout the years.


The Athens Park Bloods claim an area in the Rosedale Community, there turf is from 124th st and 127th st, and in between Figueroa Ave to Avalon blvd. The gang has been banging since the 1970s.

The Athens Park bloods stay in an area of LA called Athens, some of the neighboring gang sets include:


Before there were Bloods and Crips, there already was street gangs that would run the streets of LA. One of these gangs was the Athens Park Boys.

Some people say that the Athens Park boys started up around 1969 prior to Raymond Washington formed the Crip gang.

During the 1960s before the Athens Park Boys took over, another gang was associated to that hood, which was the Black Cobras.


Like most Blood sets the Athens Park Bloods have multiple sub sets. Some of the sub sets include:

Athens Park Putting in Work

Operation Blood Klot

Operation Blood Klot was a huge hit to the Athens Park bloods, it targeted the gang and executed big time. The operations purpose was to take down the Athens Park Bloods gang due to sales of narcotics on the streets.

It was a multi agency operation and investigation, the results of this investigation was the arrest of 17 members of the Athens Park Bloods(APBs), which included members of the 127th Street set. They were charged in a federal indictment and criminal complaint, and also eight state warrants for their dealings in narcotic trafficking.

Law enforcement says that the APBs are an extremely organized street gang, which controls the neighbourhood and is known for committing various crimes including: murders, assaults, robberies, narcotics and firearms sales. The gang does not have one sole leader, but has multiple senior members who regulate all gang activity. Operation Blood Klots’ purpose was to take down these senior members.

This happened in 2009.

Gang Allies

Allies are important in the gang world, you cant do it all by yourself, you need some help from other sets. Allies of the Athens Park Bloods include:

Gang Rivals

Rivals of the Athens Park Bloods Include:

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