The 1980s was a crazy time to live in, it brought in a whole new wave of hustlers and gangs. One of those gangs were the Oak Park Bloods, they would set up shop in Sacramento and become a dominant gang in the area for decades.

Sacramento Gangs started to become really active in Sacramento with the introduction of crack. The Oak Park Bloods moved up to Northern California because of this. Since the crack epidemic they have been a staple in Oak Park and are considered one of the oldest Blood Gangs in Sacramento.

Members of the gang are considered to be very violent and commit crimes including homicides and are considered by the Sacramento PD as a serious threat to the public.

History of the OPB

The Oak Park Bloods were originally the 456 Oak Park Neighborhood Bloods. As mentioned they have been around since the 1980s and were founding by Nigel Collins.

Oak Park Sub Sets

The gang subsets include

The Fourth Avenue Bloods (FAB) also known as “Fuck A Bitch” are the largest and first subset of the OPB.

FAB was started at 4th ave Park in Oak Park. They usually rep the numbers 6-1-2 which is code for F.A.B

Oak Park Bloods Putting in Work

Oak Park Bloods are active, and do not stand for disrespect, they rep their hoods hard and don’t let rivals step into the hoods without confrontation, here are some examples of Oak Park Bloods putting in work for their hood.

In 2016 a shooting happened outside a night club involving Oak Park Bloods and 29th Street Crips.

David Blanks a 29th Street Crip, was leaving a night club, when members of the OPB caught him outside in their hood. Blanks was walking out of the club, when Nicholas Newsome and Sean Joyner saw David and asked him where he was from. David said 29th Street referring to 29th Street Crips.

They said “Nigga, this is Oak Park” and started shooting. Nicholas and Sean would end up getting charged for the Murder of David Blanks, as well as discharging a firearm.

One case that a OPB member was charged for was in 2017, a member of the OPB was convicted of first degree murder, due to a drive by killing.

Lakquan Soloman was the shooter, he was also charged for intentional discharge of a firearm, vicarious arming and a gang enhancement charge along with his murder case.

Lakquan will face a max sentence of 90 years to life in prison .

Another case, in 2018 Ricky Sims a member of the Oak Park Bloods was convicted of the willful, deliberate and premeditated attempted murder of Ronald Curtis.

Ronald Curtis is a member of the Crips, he and his girlfriend(Ricky’s Niece) were at Ricky’s home. Ronald was wearing a blue shirt and blue rubber bands in his hair.

Ricky would end up shooting and Ronald trying to kill him for coming around his home. Ricky successfully shot Ronald in the arm.

Oak Park Allies

Oak Park Rivals

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