It is crazy how one type of clothing, like a hat or bandana can get you shot in the wrong neighborhood. But lets face it, clothing in general is a fashion statement whether it be a good statement or a bad one. Just like wearing a red bandana in a Crip neighborhood can get you shot, so can wearing the wrong shoes. Shoes show gang affiliation and its important that you follow the code of the streets because it can honestly be life or death when dealing with some of these gangsters.

Lets take a look at some shoes that have been adopted by gangs and what some gangsters wear.

How shoes have changed the game

Sneakers aren’t just sneakers anymore, they have become the final piece to your outfit to make it pop, or to really show out.

Shoes and sneakers express style, fashion, identity and sometimes gang affiliation depending on who you talk to. Nowadays, shoes come in all styles, shapes, colors, patters, finishes.

You have skate shoes, ball shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, the list goes on.

The shoe industry is at an all time high when it comes to style and fashion.

Depending on where you are, you have to be very careful, you need to watch what you are wearing, because you could get jacked for you sneakers or even worse killed.

The History of Sneakers

The main reason shoes became so popular among people and gang members, was due to their introduction into professional sports, especially in basketball.

Chuck Taylor was a semi pro basketball player who became a salesman for Converse in 1921, the Chuck Taylor All star was born, and it became the shoe the was used by basketball players from the 1900s until the 1970s.

In the 1980s Michael Jordan took over the baseketball shoe game and turned the basetball world as well as the snearker world upside down.

His shoes became the highest selling shoes of all time, and would go on to making a number of different Jordans.

Real Gang Related Shoes, What Gangster Actually Wear

There are a lot of other articles on the internet saying “British Knights” or “Calvin Kleins” are gang affiliated because it has BK or CK.

There are no gangsters or no one from the hood that are wearing these sneakers, those are trash and are not gang related.

Here is the list of sneakers that are worn by gangsters.

Chuck Taylor

Whether it be the low or high top, Chuck Taylors have been a staple in every gangsters wardrobe. Since the early days of gang banging, chucks were always rocked with a fresh pair of dickies and some white socks.

You can hoop in these, you can run, you can rob, you can do drive by’s in these shoes.

If you want to represent your gang, throw some colored laces in to rep your hood. Be cautious of where you are going though and always make sure you are watching your back.


Retro Jordans were always highly sought after especially in the hood. If you have a fresh pair of Jordans you better know how to run.

Bloods will usually wear a lot of Jordans due to the red, black and white colorways that the retro jordans come out with.

If you plan on wearing Jordans in the hood, make sure you don’t get caught lacking.


Shout out to the east coast gs that stay wearing the 6″ butters. The Timberlands are a classic new york g shoe and you should always have a fresh pair if you’re on the east coast.

Timberlands have done a lot of collabs, and you can find pairs that built in bandanas to represent your hood.

Stay cripsy ya heard!

Air Force Ones

Air forces are a must for any ones wardrobe, if you dont have a pair, how can you call yourself a real g. These shoes are a staple for any day, anytime of the year.

Air force ones are known to worn by a lot of gangsters in the hood.

Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez has been tied to the infamous MS-13 gang. Law enforcement is using them as a way to identify gang affiliation to MS13.

It has gone so far that Leaders of MS13 have instructed its members not to wear the NIke Cortez so law enforcement cannot tie them to the gang.

Nike has gone as far as releasing a Long Beach Version as well as a Compton Version, though they do not mention any gang affiliation. But it is known Long Beach is full of Crips, and Compton is the home of a lot of Bloods.

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