One of the longest standing gangs in Fullerton, the Fullerton Tokers Town or FTT has been around for over 60 years, with members stating the gangs birth in the 1940s.

The gang is based in Fullerton, California and has a considerably higher than average crime rate compared to other communities across America.

Fullerton has a pretty big gang population and the Varrio Fullerton Tokers Town gang makes up some of these numbers.

The FTT are a Mexican Street gang and are based in Orange County, in the neighbourhood called Fullerton.

History of the FTT

As mentioned the FTT has been round since the 1940s, like most street gangs the gang was started due in response to being treated unfairly, by other gangs and law enforcement and the government.

Youth in the Fullerton neighbourhood would join together and form street gangs, these individuals would take care of others around the neighbourhood.

As the gang grew and got bigger, the FTT began to increasingly engage in criminal activities, which involved drugs, alcohol, and violence, behaviours associated with most other criminal gangs.

Fullerton Tokers Gang Injunction

Fullerton although it has a higher crime rate, is a mainly peaceful town. FTT is the most prolific gangs in Orange County, there have been move criminal filings against the Fullerton Tokers gang members than any other gang. They are one of the largest gangs in the county. With approximately 350 gang members.

In the years 2008-2010 the FTT had 711 filings against the gang.

Due to these many filings, city officials and police felt the need for ways to prevent gang crimes by the FTT. So the District Attorney’s Office filed an gang injunction targeting the gang.

The gang injunction would prevent gang members from engaging in selected activities within a safe zone.

The safe zone covered by the gang injunction is located in the southwest corner of Fullerton, with the 91 Freeway and Orangethorpe Avenue at the south border, and Chapman and Commonwealth Avenues on the north. It is between Placentia Avenue and the city limits.


The FTT are a surenos crew and are affiliated with the Mexican Mafia


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