The Tiny Rascals are one of the hardest Cambodian gangs in America. They first originated in Long beach, California. The TRG are known to beef hard with the Longos 13 who are a hispanic gang in California.

TRG first started in the 1970s to protect other Cambodians from the other street gangs in Long Beach, they eventually spread throughout the United States.

Tiny Rascal Members can be recognized by the colours they wear. TRG members usually wear a lot of grey, white and black. They will wear a grey bandana as their flag.

In pictures Tiny Raskals will form a R with their fingers this is how they throw up their gang sign.

try hand sign

TRG Tattoos

Tiny Rascal members will also get tattoos on their body to represent their clique. Lost members will get the letters “T” “R” “G” or they will get Tiny Rascal Gang on their body.

tiny rascal gang tattoo sign

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