The West Coast Blood Stone Villains (BSV) are one of the older Blood Gangs. They are a mainly black gang located on the East Side of South Los Angeles.

They first originated on 56th Street and have been banging since the 1970s. Their neighbourhood spread from 50th Street to Slauson Ave, around Hooper Ave.

Due to their history in South Central, the Blood Stones have allied themselves with some of the original Blood Sets such as the Blood Stone Pirus, Bounty Hunter Bloods and the Denver Lane Bloods.

They were once cool with the Pueblo Bishops but now have a long standing feud. The beef stems from a drug deal gone bad, where one of the Bishops murdered a BSV member execution style.

As far as Crip neighbourhoods, they rival the Ten Line Gangster Crips, East Coast Crips, Avalon Gangster Crips and the Hoover Criminals.

New York Blood Stone Villains

In 1993 a Blood Gang started in Rikers island to protect Black inmates from other prison gangs at the time. This Blood gang was started separately from the Original Blood Stone Villains out on the west coast.

The Blood Stone Villains that came about from Rikers island birthed the rise of all the Stone Sets out of New York.

The main difference between West Coast blood stones and East Coast Blood Stones is the west coast rep their neighbourhoods, and east coast blood stones rep their prison blocks.

Since the rise of the Blood Stone Villains they have been growing in New York, on the streets and in Prisons.

There are so many Blood Sets on the east coast that the needed to start the United Blood Nation to become more organized.

The UBN was created by Omar “OG Mack” Portee and Leonard “OG Dead Eye” Mckenzie. They were able to join the Nine Trey Gangsters, GKB, and the Blood Stone Villains to protect against the Netas and the Latin Kinds.

The UBN was a branch off of the West Coast Bloods.

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