History of Gangs in Chicago

Chicago has a long history of gang activity, and the issue persists to this day. The city is known for having some of the most violent and well-organized gangs in the United States. Gangs in Chicago are heavily involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, and other illegal activities. The gang culture in Chicago is often tied […]

Stones Run It, History of the Black Stone Rangers

black stone rangers

One of the most influential gangs coming out of the midwest, a gang that runs everything “Stones Run It”. The Blackstone Rangers created a force that authorities could not stop or figure out. A highly organized Street gang that turned into a criminal empire. The Blackstone Rangers have been studied and written about in many […]

The East Coast Blood Stone Villains

The West Coast Blood Stone Villains (BSV) are one of the older Blood Gangs. They are a mainly black gang located on the East Side of South Los Angeles. They first originated on 56th Street and have been banging since the 1970s. Their neighbourhood spread from 50th Street to Slauson Ave, around Hooper Ave. Due […]