The Rise of Street Gangs in Los Angeles

California is a beautiful place and has such a huge variety of all walks of life. The crazy thing about California is it has such a huge population, and with huge population comes a lot of different factors. Poverty and crime. Do these 2 factors make up the reason why Los Angeles Street Gangs thrive? […]

California: The Birthplace of Modern Street Gangs

When most people think of gangs in California the flash of red and blue come to mind. California is home to the two most well known street gangs of all time, The Bloods and the Crips. So how does a State known for Celebrities, beaches and Million dollar homes associate itself with some of the […]

What is the Largest Gang in America

Gangs in America have grown to such large numbers its hard to keep track of which gang is the largest. There is no doubt that the type of gang that is largest are street gangs, as their numbers surpass any type of other gang in the world. Lets take a look at what the largest […]