The Simon City Royals

simon city royals

One of the toughest Greaser Gangs to ever walk the street, the Simon City Royals weren’t a gang you wanted to mess with. First believed to be originated in 1956, the Simon City royals first started off as the Simon City, the later evolved into the Simon City Royals in 1969. Lets go over the […]

Tough As Nails Thorndale Jagoffs

thorndale jag offs

One of the hardest greaser gangs of the time, the Thorndale Jagoffs were a problem. They started off in Chicagos uptown neighbourhood labelled as North Side. The Rise of the Thorndale Jarvis Organization At the Corner of Thorndale and Kenmore, and youth by the name Joe Ganci would start a greaser gang called the Thorndale […]

Chicago Almighty Gaylords

almighty gaylords

The name might loo ridiculous to us now, but once upon a time the Almighty Gaylords were one of the most feared gangs in Chicago. The Almighty Gaylords are a street gang from the North Side of Chicago. Established in 1954 and are still going strong. History of the Gang Originating at the intersection of […]