What Gangs are in San Jose

San Jose, California, often dubbed as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” is known for its thriving tech industry, cultural diversity, and pleasant climate. However, beneath its picturesque surface lies a complex issue that the city has been grappling with for decades: crime rates, particularly related to gang activity. In this article, we will delve into […]

Top 10 Gangster Movies About Black Gangs

Gangster movies centered around black street gangs have carved a unique space within the crime genre, offering gripping narratives that shed light on the complexities of power, loyalty, and survival in marginalized communities. These films provide a window into the world of black gangs, highlighting the socio-political dynamics and the pursuit of power within these […]

Stones Run It, History of the Black Stone Rangers

black stone rangers

One of the most influential gangs coming out of the midwest, a gang that runs everything “Stones Run It”. The Blackstone Rangers created a force that authorities could not stop or figure out. A highly organized Street gang that turned into a criminal empire. The Blackstone Rangers have been studied and written about in many […]