A Hispanic gang is a gang made up of members with Hispanic or Latino heritage. These gangs can be found in various regions, particularly in areas with significant Hispanic populations such as Southern California, Texas, and parts of the East Coast.

They often have distinct cultural elements and may use symbols or language specific to their heritage. Hispanic gangs, like other criminal organizations, engage in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion, and violent crime.

To be clear, Hispanics is a term that describes people of Spanish speaking countries. Hispanic does not just mean Mexicans, they can be Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, etc.

Different Types


Mexican Gangs have been in the US for a long time, some gangs date back to the late 1890s when Mexican people migrated to California, which was actually part of Mexico at the time.

There are a lot of different Mexican gangs in the United States, like most nationalities there are Mexican prison gangs, street gangs and biker gangs too.

Some of the most well known Mexican gangs are street gangs that have brought the Chicano culture, these gangs are distinct in there style and the way they operate and conduct business.

Most of these street gangs are connected to the more powerful Mexican Prison gangs which are either Le Eme or Nuestra Familia.

Gangs that represent Le Eme or the Mexican Mafia are Surenos, and gangs that represent Nuestra Familia are Nortenos. Both of these gangs are rivals and wage ware on each other.

Both Nortenos and Surenos are found mainly found on the West Coast of the United States, but there are sets of each around the United States.

Puerto Rican

The Puerto Ricans have prison gangs in the US and operate mainly on the East Coast as well as the South in Florida.

One of the largest Puerto Rican gangs are the Netas, they are one of the most violent prison gangs, and operate in the US as well as in Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, the Netas only operate in Prison, once you leave, you are not part of the gang anymore.

Other gangs that have Puerto Ricans are the Latin Disciples as well the the Latin Kings, these gangs are rivals of each other.


One type of Hispanic Gang that gets overlooked are the Dominican gangs. The two largest DR gangs in the States are the Trinitarious and the Dominicans Dont Play(DDP).

Dominican gangs were born in the prison systems and are savage and ruthless.

The Trinitarios were established in 1993 on Rikers as a way to protect other Hispanic nationalities from the Blacks and other gangs on Rikers.

The Trinitarios is considered to be the first Lation gang that came from New York City.

The Second gang that is rivals with the Trinitarios is the DDP or Dominicans Dont Play.

Hispanics vs Hispanics

In the gang world hispanic gangs will fight and beef with other hispanic gangs, just like how they will fight with Black and white gangs.

On the West coast, due to the huge mexican population, there are a lot of Mexican on mexican wars.

On the east coast, its just at bad with the Puerto Ricans and the Dominicans no one can get a long with each other.

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