The Fullerton Boys or Fullerton Boyz is a mainly asian gang made up of members from across other asian gangs. Like their name suggests the gang is based out of Fullerton, California. Orange County has a large population of asian gangs, some of the gangs that make up the Fullerton Boyz are the LVM Gang(debunked), SZA Gang (Sarzana) and the Way Ching.


The Fullerton Boyz are based in Fullerton, California. Fullerton has a decent sized gang population, with a mix of ethnic gangs. Most gangs in the area are asian gangs and Mexican gangs, with some Black gang and white gangs in the area.

Fullerton Boyz are known to beef with other gangs in the area, but they don’t have the same types of turf wars as other areas in California.

History of the Gang

In 1996 a group of Korean Teens starting the Fullerton Boyz in Fullerton, California. This gang was started more as a hang out gang with members of the LVM, Sarzana gang and Wah Ching. Gangs like this usually start from members rolling with the friends from different gangs, and deciding to label themselves as a new set.

It is very common in ares where there is no set turfs and where gang members are not tied to hood. This is due to different members mobilizing to different areas and forming a network with other gang members.

In the mid 1990s the gang was under severe investigation by local law enforcement due to crime sprees on rival gang members and home invasions.


With gangs like the Fullerton Boyz, allies are really dependent of the members of the crew, they tend to ally themselves with friends.


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