Big Bounties on the Bounty Hunter Bloods

bounty hunter bloods

The neighborhood of Watts is legendary for the gangs it makes, one of the largest gangs in Watts is the Bounty Hunter Bloods. The Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods or BHB or an infamous Blood gang in Los Angeles and are known for putting in work. Located on the Eastside of Watts in South Central, the […]

What gangs are in Watts

watts gangs

Watts is one of the most gang infested neighborhoods in South Central. It is located within the south Los Angeles region. Watts was founded in the late nineteenth century and was consolidated into the City of Los Angeles by 1926. By the 1940s Watts became a working class Black neighborhood, and by the 1960s it […]

The Jordan Downs Grape Street Crips

grape street crips

Watts is a historic neighborhood in South Los Angeles, California. It has some deep history and a lot of different gangs. Among these gangs includes the infamous Grape Street Crips. The GSC trace their roots all the way back to the 1950s before crips and bloods existed, lets take a look at the History of […]